Maxwell’s Equations


In the time domain and differential form:


        Ñ. D        =      r              (Gauss’ Law)                                              (1a)

        ÑxE         =    -B/t       (Faraday’s Law)                                         (2a)

        Ñ.B             0               (magnetic flux Law)                                  (3a)

        ÑxH        =    J+D/t     (Ampere’s Law + Maxwell’s addition)     (4a)


   In the frequency domain: Ee jwt


        Ñ. D         =      r                                                                                (1b)

        ÑxE         =    -jwB = jmwH                                                              (2b)

        Ñ.B          =      0                                                                                (3b)

        ÑxH        =      sE+jwD = (+sj)ewE                                                (4b)


Processing with high power microwaves, microwave inactivating of enzymes, microwave control of trypsin inhibitor, microwave differential heating

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