High Power Microwave Engineering






Do you have a high power microwave engineering process and want to get to the end product in a reasonable development cycle?


Then my team can help you achieve your objectives with the minimum of bother.


We are equipped with software for simulation and high power microwave equipment for feasibility testing and for large scale trials. We lease our equipment to you during your development period then we supply you with new equipment according to your requirements. We can also develop any type of microwave equipment or applicators that you need. We promise you a very prompt and reliable service.



Microwave Technology

  What are microwaves?

  EM Energy

  Non-ionising Radiation

  Microwave Absorption

  Microwave Quantum

Microwave Simulation

  Maxwell's Equations

  Dielectric Measurement

  Properties of Water

  Properties of Ethanol

  Standing Waves

  Travelling Waves

  Field Patterns


Microwave Machines


  Timber Drying

  Timber Moulding

  Oil Extraction

  Liquid Steriliser

  Wheat Disinfection

  Bean Sterilising

  Fish Thawing

  Bread Thawing

  Rice Treatment


  Floorboard Drying

  Chemical Processing

  Ceramic Kiln

  V.F.M Kiln

  Tyre Recycling

Microwave Research

  Metal Extraction

  Sapstain Treatment

  Growth Stress

  Microwave Ignition